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We are committed to making Business Insurance Simple, Digital and Transparent

Before Arrow IconHow We Began

With a clear aim, BimaKavach was established to simplify the complex process of business insurance. Our experience spanning four decades highlighted a significant issue - clients often felt overwhelmed by the extensive paperwork, confusing quote requirements, and the opaque nature of policy acquisition.

In response, we devised a unique approach. We investigated various sectors, used our findings to create tailored insurance coverage, and developed standard policies that are customized to meet our client's specific needs. This ensures top-tier coverage for each client and allows us to leverage our partnerships with numerous insurance companies to secure the best prices.

BimaKavach is built on trust. We have strong relationships with our clients and providers, underpinned by transparency and mutual respect. Our policies eliminate mis-spelling and streamline claims, establishing a trust-filled environment for all stakeholders.

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Now Arrow IconHow We Are Going

Today, BimaKavach proudly serves over 500 companies nationwide, offering them comprehensive 24x7 claims support. Our diversified client base spans multiple sectors, including but not limited to manufacturing, trading, software, contracting, real estate, consulting, energy, education, and HR. From dynamic startups and ambitious SMEs to established listed companies, we accommodate the unique needs of businesses at all stages.

Our portfolio now encompasses more than 17 meticulously curated business insurance policies, each customizable to protect your business's assets, liabilities, directors, and employees.

We have a team of insurance experts working tirelessly to present the best insurance options for our clients. Our key focus is on simplicity, speed, and clarity, ensuring a seamless insurance experience for all our clients.


After Arrow IconWhat Is Our Goal

At BimaKavach, we are driven by the vision of securing every Indian business with precisely the insurance coverage they require. As India forges its path as a global economic contender, its foundation relies heavily on the stability and continuity of Indian businesses. Our insurance policies are designed to shield these businesses from unforeseen circumstances, ensuring they thrive even in the face of adversity. We believe in bolstering India's economic growth and stability through well-insured businesses. At the core of our ethos are Simplicity, Speed, and Transparency. These values permeate everything we do:

Jargons, Simplified.

We simplify the critical terminologies to make insurance easy to understand and purchase

Efficiency at Every Step.

We make the process of getting quotes and buying insurance as quick and easy as possible

Transparent Trust.

We offer competitive pricing and relevant coverages, so our customers know exactly what they're getting

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Meet Our Amazing Enthusiasts

At the heart of BimaKavach is a vibrant team of professionals who share a passion for revolutionizing the insurance industry. Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge and a steadfast commitment to breaking down the complexities of insurance jargon, making the process more understandable for our clients.

CEO | Bimakavach

Tejas Jain

Founder & CEO

CEO | Bimakavach

Shruti Vishnoi

Chief of Customer Success

CEO | Bimakavach

R.K Jain

Chief Operating Officer

CEO | Bimakavach

Milind Vitvekar

Principal Officer

CEO | Bimakavach

Vishal Sharma

Head of Design

CEO | Bimakavach

Ankit Mittal

Chief of Marketing

CEO | Bimakavach

Parthav Kidangoor

Chief of Staff

CEO | Bimakavach

Priyalata Patra

VP, Product

CEO | Bimakavach

Shravan Deshmukh

Performance Marketing Officer

Our team's expertise and dedication form the backbone of our operations, ensuring we deliver the best service to our clients every day.

CEO | Bimakavach

Notes from

Our Founder

As the CEO of BimaKavach, I am dedicated to leading strategic initiatives, propelling business growth, and making business insurance more accessible for everyone. My passion lies in nurturing an inclusive corporate culture that values each member of our team and encourages their professional development.

Our success rests on our responsiveness to our client's evolving needs. We strive not just to keep pace with the changing business landscape but to stay one step ahead, anticipating the challenges our clients might face. With my extensive experience in both B2B and B2C insurance, I am committed to delivering exceptional coverage that aligns with our client's unique requirements.

I am proud of what we've accomplished so far, but I am even more excited about our future. We will continue to innovate, always seeking better ways to serve our clients and contribute positively to the insurance industry.

At BimaKavach, our goal extends beyond offering insurance - we aim to provide peace of mind and build trust and security, one policy at a time.

My heartfelt thanks to our dedicated team for their relentless efforts and to our clients for their trust in BimaKavach. Together, we will continue to forge a path toward a more secure future.

Tejas Jain
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