In the ever-evolving hospitality and tourism industry, there are numerous risks and challenges to navigate. Our team of insurance experts specializing in this field can provide customized recommendations and solutions that cater to your specific business requirements. Whether you operate a hotel, café, tourist attractions, or accommodations, organize events, or run a tour company, partnering with BimaKavach ensures you have a local ally who will create a personalized risk management and insurance plan to safeguard both your business and employees.

With regular changes in travel restrictions, hotels and restaurants face uneven demand, limited capacity, and continued uncertainty, making financial planning and budgeting more difficult. Adapting to emerging trends, such as enhanced safety considerations and rising consumer concerns, will be essential to the long-term recovery of hospitality businesses.

What kind of risks are common to Accommodation service providers?

According to our specialist accommodation insurers and claims experts, the biggest risks are:

·  Material damage

·  Business interruption

·   Commercial crime

·   Commercial General Liability Insurance

·   Management Liability

·   Workmen’s Compensation Policy

·   Cyber risks

Hotels, pubs, tourism, accommodations, and more risk partners for the hospitality industry!

In addition to hotels, apartments, guest houses, attractions, caravan parks, health clubs, cinemas, theatres, night clubs, restaurants, pubs, and international resorts, we also work with businesses across the leisure sector.

Whether it is tailored small business insurance packages or global insurance programs, Bimakavach offers the most recommended products. We have the experience and commitment to protect your business, staff, and customers, whether you run a small local pub or a multinational hotel.

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The following are typical features of a tailored insurance program

1) Special Perils and Fire covers perils like fire, acts of God, and other special hazards.

2) In the event of an explosion or collapse of a boiler or other pressure vessel, boiler pressure plant insurance covers losses caused by the boiler or pressure vessel.

3) Computers, industrial equipments, and non-functional equipments like laptops are protected against loss or damage in the event of fire, riot and strike, terrorist activity, theft, or accidents.

4) Plate Glass covers the loss or damage.

5) It covers damage and loss caused by burglary and housebreaking (theft following a forced entry and/or exit) as well as hold-up risks and damage caused to premises during such an attempt.

6) This cover provides compensation for employees who commit acts of fraud or dishonesty in relation to monies or goods belonging to the employer.

7) The money insurance policy covers the loss of money in transit when an authorized employee(s) is robbed, stolen or otherwise fortuitous. A burglary, house break, robbery or hold up of money which is stored in a safe or strong room at the insured's premises is also covered under this section.

8) Insureds can be liable for legal damage to third parties in the event of accidental death, bodily injury, or disease, as well as loss or damage to property arising from such incidents. Additionally, it covers legal costs and expenses incurred with the insurer's prior consent within the limits of the indemnity.

9) W.C. Policy provides indemnity against legal liability for all employees under the W.C. Act, 1923 and subsequent amendments, the Fatal Accidents Act, 1855 and at Common Law.

10) A Group Health / Group Health (Floater) policy covers hospitalization expenses incurred for diseases contracted or injuries sustained in India. Medical expenses for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization are also covered.

11) Accidental death, loss of limbs and eyes, permanent total disability, and permanent partial disability are covered under Group Personal Accident.

As your hospitality business grows or faces uncertainty, We at BimaKavach can reduce your total cost of risk, allowing you to make more confident business decisions.


1.     How to claim hotel insurance?

Once the incident happens, notify both the insurer and the broker. Here, we help in the claim settlement process. Once you raise the request, we handheld and guide you through out the entire claim settlement process.

2.     What are the exclusions in hotel insurance?

The common exclusions in hotel insurance include war & terrorism, wear & tear, nuclear perils, employee dishonesty, pollution, etc.

3.     Do we need insurance for homestay services also?

Yes, it is highly recommended to take. You can have commercial liability, property, fidelity and fire insurance to name a few.

If a program malfunction

·       If a program malfunction

·       Password changes without your approval

·       File started scanned automatically

·       Unwanted software or spy appeared

·       Facing difficulty while installing plugins

·       Continuous pop-ups disrupting the access of internet

·       Internet toolbars with unusual features